We present you a space where you can be yourself.


Ethical production practices and trade with human values.


Ethical Time is a way of thinking, a way of understanding everything that surrounds us, and a way of acting. We like to enjoy life, with family, colleagues and friends. We are people who help, who feel and think. We are people who think. And from our thinking, Ethical Time was born.


We like our planet, but we believe there are many things that should improve.

“Consumption is where we vote every day, and each one of us has the small power to decide who they vote for. That vote says a lot about who we are, and above all, on what planet we want to live”.


We have decided to focus our activity in the field of the textile industry, marking a first objective: to create the first mobile application for the purchase of sustainable fashion.


Strengthen the sustainable fashion market. Increase the sales of the brands that guarantee decent work and are respectful with the environment. Facilitate to the consumers the purchase of products that are coherent with their values.


To buy products according to our values.


  • Coherence
  • Sustainability
  • Equality
  • Proximity
  • Accessibility
  • Transparency